Dry MIX Mortar

Efficient concrete mixing by “Ready Mixed Bag” Leca lightweight concrete is made by “Ready Mixed Bag” with coarse ready-bagged lightweight aggregate LWA application lightweight concrete. The Ready-Mixed Bags are tailor made for easy transportation, handing and placing. The lightweight aggregate LWA and fine light sand are mixed proportionally it the factory and packed. It is easy to operate on site by adding and mixing of instant cement and water. The compressive strength can be guaranteed by the precise proportion (designed mix) depend on the requirement. Why the purity of lightweight aggregates can be guaranteed?

 Leca is a unique product in compliance with BS3797-1990. In combination with best functions of the perfect aggregates, Leca lightweight aggregate is neutral, high in compressive strength , durable and the weighing just 1/6 of normal stone aggregate.

 Light sand is produced by heating small-sized one at extremely high temperature, the quality is constant and weighing only 1/3 of normal sand so that the weight of lightweight concrete can be guaranteed  in the range of 1000-1100kg/m3

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